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Introduction is a project of a small group of Vancouver-area activists known as the Resist Collective. We evolved out of TAO Communications in Vancouver and are still affiliated with TAO as well as other activist tech projects such as To find out more about the Resist! Collective, you can read our mission statement or our about us page.

Please note that is not an internet service provider per se, but rather a political project whereby we create and support infrastructure for activists around the world. We have limited resources. Unfortunately, that means we don't have the ability to provide services to everyone that would like them. Keep this in mind as you fill out the application form and remember that we will use the information you provide to gauge whether or not we want to support the work that you are doing with our limited labour.

All applicants must abide by our Member Agreement in order to receive services from us. This is a neccessary legal document that is designed to protect our asses from prosecution. Do you accept the terms of the member agreement?

yes, I agree with the Member Agreement
no, I don't agree with the Member Agreement

One last thing before you start. If you are applying for an account because you heard is "secure", you should read this before you apply.

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